Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH
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「Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH」は、「デザインを五感で楽しむ」をコンセプトにインテリアやグラフィック、プロダクトはもちろん、ミュージック、フードなど文化を形成するもの全てを「デザイン」として捉え、それらを通して日常生活を豊かにすることを提案するイベントとして始まりました。


Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH thinks of design as all things that make up culture, such as interior accessory or graphics, products, music and cuisine Based on this view, we introduced events suggesting that our daily life is being enriched by these factors.

"Enjoying design with all five senses" is our concept.

As a "chance to encounter novel design", which presents superior design from Japan and the world, we provide opportunities for plenty of people to make new discoveries and encounters that enrich their daily lives.